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3 drug free ways to manage your menopause naturally

Posted on: February 4th, 2016 by Anita Dyrbye 2 Comments

Journal entry: Mom had it right, I can achieve drug free menopause provided I follow the basics of changing my lifestyle to match my changing body’s needs.  Thank God for mothers!

Next 357 days of 2016 with ‘hot’ prose and verses on how your journey through life and your menopause will be!

Take control of your menopause naturally!

Menopause starts with your attitude towards aging. In 2015 a 10-year study conducted by Maturitas found that a woman’s attitude towards aging dictated how well she will go through menopause.

Stay in control of your menopause by:

  1. Nourishing your changing body properly. At this stage in life most women have a good understanding of what is good for them and what isn’t. We don’t need yet another gimmick or new diet program to teach us that. We simply need to be determined to take control of our choices, and change those old habits starting with our attitudes.
  2. Exercise regularly. According to recent reports, medical doctors recommend that women should time the amount of exercise according to their age. For example, if you are 40 it suggests that you exercise a minimum of four hours per week; if you are 50, five hours per week and so on. Don’t forget those kegels! Checkout the new physiotherapists who specialize in kegel exercise. So you don’t need to pay or sign-up at a gym if that’s not your thing. You can do healthy cardio and stretches right at home by integrating it into your lifestyle.
  3. Manage the amount of stress in your life. Long-term exposure to stress is the largest known culprit to poor health, including difficult menopause symptoms. We all have our New Year resolutions to change what stresses us, but often times we have no control over those external stresses such as problems at work or family issues. We can, however, control how much time we spend on worrying about them, and focus more on how to unwind in a healthy way. Venting physically and emotionally helps us ease through those difficult times.

In Summary: Take Action:

  • Make a plan on how you will tackle and cope with your specific menopause and lifestyle issues.
  • Keep it simple, but at the same time challenge yourself enough not to give up quickly.
  • Announce to friends and family your plan. It will help you stay accountable and on course.
  • Mark your calendar with dates and timelines to meet your objectives so they don’t fade away.
  • Celebrate each milestone met and review and re-state any of your objectives not met.

The Menopause Coach, Anita Dyrbye. (A menopausal woman herself who’s on a mission)

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In the process of establishing her greenhouse operation, Anita identified that there were other unmet needs for new entrepreneurs. [Where there’s a need, there’s Anita.] She developed entrepreneurial programs to support value-added agricultural business – programs which still exist today.

She started her second company, called From the Earth Naturally Ltd., and began developing one of the first functional foods on the market place – a herbal vinegar enhanced with echinacea and ginseng. By conducting educational courses for both professional chefs and the general public, Anita built demand for her product and it found a home in 57 stores within just three months.

By 2002, with her children almost all grown up and leaving home, Anita divorced, sold her business, and started over again. With her daughter at her side, she began building a new life.

Today, Anita is more determined than ever. With Wanda and Lori at her side, she knows her company will become the first all women-owned business to make an impact in North America with their natural health beverage, VIVACA™.

Anita is a proud grandmother of two boys. Her four children are independent and successful [with the same spit and fire that their mother has] and when she talks about them, she beams with pride.

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  1. jayne lyone

    29 Nov 2016

    in the small book i received from you there is a web site for here (is what it brings up) but talks about how to support your adreanal glands. However I don’t see it here. Where would I find it because I have tried EVERYTHING and perhaps I need to support them. Thank you Jayne

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