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Anita Dyrbye

Our story starts with Anita — the life force behind Menomission®. She was born in the Netherlands and immigrated to North America along with her five siblings when she was a child.

By the time she was 18 Anita was married and she quickly had four children — one after another.  [Once she figured out where they were coming from, she stopped it immediately.]

A dynamic business woman since 1994, Anita has been involved in the herbal botanical industry for 18 years (culinary to medicinal).  She was involved in the functional foods product development when the area was just a concept in North America.   Anita particularly enjoyed providing  educational workshops on cooking with herbs and healthy living.

As an experienced professional grower with a focus in natural health product development, she has received several awards of recognition for her work and involvement in the industry.

Anita has been an industry representative/advisory for a blend of government groups including Alberta Agriculture and Economic Business Development and the Peace Value Added Food & Ag Association. Anita has provided seminars/presentations and instructed regular courses at the Northern Lights College and at University of Alberta’s Devonian Gardens.  Now she completely devotes her time to her company, From The Earth Naturally Ltd.

Anita is a proud grandmother of two boys.  Her four children are independent and successful [with the same spit and fire that their mother has] and when she talks about them, she beams with pride.