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Lori Tansy-Willis

Lori met Anita at an international herbal conference.

In fact, Anita went to the conference specifically to meet Lori, who was an invited speaker. Needless to say [after she got over the shock of being stalked by two fellow professionals] Lori found their determination, excitement, and energy were infectious and started with the team informally in 2007 before the trio began working together in earnest in 2009.

Lori is a great believer in science; she loves to learn  how things work and why.  She’s worked for some of the largest companies in the world in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.  She has also worked in some of the most challenging companies…her own.

A biochemist, Lori has over 20 years of corporate experience in quality management, regulatory affairs and research and development. She is an ISO lead auditor, certified HACCP Manager and a registered LACF Manager CFR 113.  [Don’t worry, we don’t know what it all means either.]

With corporate experience and a strong background in natural health products and the beverage industry, she was exactly the right person to complete the leadership team.

Lori is a mother of two amazing boys. She loves watching life move with them, their beliefs and passions. While she is proud of the products she has developed, her children will always be her greatest accomplishment.