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3 drug free ways to manage your menopause naturally

Posted on: February 4th, 2016 by Anita Dyrbye 2 Comments

Journal entry: Mom had it right, I can achieve drug free menopause provided I follow the basics of changing my lifestyle to match my changing body’s needs.  Thank God for mothers!

Next 357 days of 2016 with ‘hot’ prose and verses on how your journey through life and your menopause will be!

Take control of your menopause naturally!

Menopause starts with your attitude towards aging. In 2015 a 10-year study conducted by Maturitas found that a woman’s attitude towards aging dictated how well she will go through menopause.

Stay in control of your menopause by:

  1. Nourishing your changing body properly. At this stage in life most women have a good understanding of what is good for them and what isn’t. We don’t need yet another gimmick or new diet program to teach us that. We simply need to be determined to take control of our choices, and change those
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Menopause and Vaginal Dryness

Posted on: January 7th, 2016 by Lara Armstrong No Comments

Feeling dryer than the Sahara Desert?

Vaginal dryness is a common symptom that many women will experience as they go through menopause and something that can last well into post-menopause. Not only is it generally uncomfortable but it also makes sexual relationships become more difficult due to the absence of the body’s ability to produce the natural lubrication that is required in a sexual encounter. This can become frustrating and in turn can decrease sexual desire because the experience is no longer enjoyable for the woman.

Besides the sexual issues that occur with vaginal dryness, it can result in burning, itching, soreness and cause standing, sitting, exercise and urination to become painful. The secretions that are produced in the vaginal region are also protective against pathogenic organisms due to the pH that is maintained by these secretions. Changes in the vaginal pH can result in overgrowth of yeast, resulting in …

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Feeling Run Down? Understanding Menopause Fatigue and How to Get Your Energy Back

Posted on: December 14th, 2015 by Alyssa Kraus No Comments

A major symptom that is commonly associated with menopause is fatigue. It is not often thought of as a hallmark symptom of menopause, the way hot flashes and night sweats are, but it is an extremely common complaint of women who are going through this rite of passage. Women will often talk about feeling mentally and physically exhausted in such a way that it takes every last bit of energy to get through the day. Menopausal fatigue can manifest itself as sleepiness, poor memory, inattentiveness, brain fog/mental fuzziness and irritability. It is NOT part of the normal aging process to feel exhausted and tired all the time. There are a number of contributing factors that cause fatigue in menopause. Understanding what causes this physical and mental exhaustion will aid in providing a solution to alleviate this problem.

Causes of Menopausal Fatigue:

There are several hormones that influence our energy and …

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Gout During and After Menopause

Posted on: November 13th, 2015 by Constadina Zarokostas-Vasiliades No Comments

Red wine is a known antioxidant that fights free-radicals in the body, yet for some, especially if over-weight and not exercising, red wine can be a trigger to overwhelming pain in the big toe and an indicator of gout in the body.  Women going through menopause and post-menopause are highly prone to getting gout, and although their big toe may not hurt, if there are aches and pains in the joints, gout may be present.

Gout is caused when there is an overabundance of uric acid in the body, or the body’s inability to excrete it from the body, which leads to crystallization in the joints creating pain.  The pain can appear to come from no-where and also show up in the fingers, wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. Some people experience redness, swelling, heat and stiffness, and sometimes even lumps can appear in the affected areas. If not treated, one …

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Reiki Practice

Reduce Menopause Symptoms with Reiki

Posted on: October 25th, 2015 by Constadina Zarokostas-Vasiliades No Comments

Your brain feels fuzzy, you’re exhausted, emotional, have moments of depression, and sometimes you feel like you no longer have control over your body that now feels like an overheated car. Women at various stages of their lives have felt at least one of these symptoms, but before, during, and after entering menopause all these symptoms can hit you at once. If you aren’t ready to take supplements or medication for your stage of menopause, Reiki may be something you want to try to manage your symptoms.

Reiki is a gentle experience. A Reiki practitioner lightly places their hands on or above you to diminish or provide relief of what ails you, whether it is menopause symptoms, or aches, pains and emotions that may be the result of lifestyle or illnesses. A Reiki practitioner can practice Reiki on you while you are fully clothed, lying down or seated comfortably. Better …

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Yoga Poses for Menopause

Posted on: May 28th, 2015 by Constadina Zarokostas-Vasiliades No Comments

Yoga instructor since 1983, and author of the book, Alpha Omega Yoga: The Art and Science of Self Transformation, Angela Kolias suggests two key yoga poses for everyone, but for women going through menopause these are quite helpful for getting through menopause symptoms.

Savasana/Corpse Pose

Savasana/Corpse Pose – Lay on your back, hands open facing up, and next to your hips or outstretched, depending on what is most comfortable to you.


One of the key poses of yoga is Savasana (corpse pose).  This is simply lying on your back, hands out next to your hips facing up.  Focus on taking slow deep inhales and exhales. In your mind’s eye scan your body, sensing if you have any stiff or aching muscles, joints, or bones.



Viparita, Karani

Viparita, Karani – This pose is more comfortable up against a wall, but if you live in a small space with no open walls,

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Menopause and Yoga

Posted on: April 20th, 2015 by Constadina Zarokostas-Vasiliades No Comments

Exercise is essential when going through menopause. It helps keep the blood circulating properly, strengthens muscles, decreases stress and mood swings, and most importantly it helps keep your mind centered. Yoga is a great form of exercise to do during menopause for all these reasons, but as for helping to keep your mind centered, it is probably the best form.

With age comes wisdom, and menopause can help push a woman deeper into her sense of independence and knowledge of who she is. Mindful yoga includes focusing on how your body moves and reacts to each movement; helping to quiet the chatter in your head through focusing on your body – or you may lose your balance and fall over. A very interesting metaphor for life – pay attention to what is going on with YOU in order to come into your “center,” ultimately aligning body, mind and spirit, into …

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Together we go through menopause


Posted on: February 26th, 2015 by Anita Dyrbye No Comments

 Are you between the ages of 35-55?  Having irregular periods?  Finding that you’re moodier than normal? Is it harder to keep weight off? You could be entering perimenopause. Today perimenopause can start as early as 35 – 38 years of age.  Learn more about preparing for your menopause and make your journey through menopause a healthy one.  




This is an Open Invitation Event, Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. MARCH 21, 2015

Located at #9, 44 St. Thomas Street St. Albert, Alberta (Upstairs in the Dance/Yoga studio). Please RSVP on or before February 27th.  You are welcome to bring your friends to this fun . . . yes . . . fun event! Refreshments provided along with a Free Menopause Tool Kit.

Fee: $10.00 at the door.

This will be the most

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Dr. Lara Armstrong, ND

Menopause and synthetic hormone replacement-does this stop menopause from taking place?

Posted on: November 5th, 2014 by Lara Armstrong 2 Comments

Since my practice focuses on working with women who are transitioning through menopause I thought I would take a moment to try to answer a question that often comes up at some point with many women. If a woman is on synthetic hormone replacement therapy will she eventually have to face the symptoms of menopause when she stops the therapy? Although every woman is different, the short answer to this question is YES. Most women when they stop HRT, and especially if they stop without weaning off or doing anything to prepare their body to come off, will experience a return of the old symptoms. Often, for many women, they may perceive these symptoms to be worse than what they initially experienced. This could be because the hormones they have been on are much stronger than what their own body would naturally produce or because they have been on hormone …

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Green Chilies

Heat for your Heat – Green Chilies

Posted on: October 2nd, 2014 by Constadina Zarokostas-Vasiliades No Comments

August to October marks the harvest season of a vegetable that could help balance hot flashes during menopause – the Green Chili. Roasted they are smoky and sweet, and come in a variety of heat levels. They also pack a punch when it comes to other health benefits.

Not into hot spicy things? That’s ok, because these chilies also come in a mild variety that has no heat to them at all.  If that doesn’t entice you yet, know that the active component of capsaicin found in chili peppers like these are not only cancer fighters, but are  an antioxidant that help atherosclerosis, asthma, pain disorders, diabetic neuropathy, cluster headaches, arthritis, psoriasis, inflammation, and can even give a boost to the metabolism and cardiovascular system. Have hot-flashes or a fever? Capsaicin lowers the body temperature by stimulating the cooling center of the hypothalamus in the brain.  This can help people …

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