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Edmonton’s Menopause Day Speaker Feature: Dianna Bowes. Mind, Body, Spirit.

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Edmonton’s Menopause Day Conference and Trade show is this Sunday May 1st from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Chateau Nova Hotel on Yellow Head and St. Albert Trail. $30 for the entire day including lunch!

Tickets at Eventbrite:

Featuring Dianna Bowes.

If not now… then when?   Pondering this thought provoking question at a vulnerable point in her midlife years, compelled entrepreneurial visionary, Dianna Bowes, to make a powerful life change. Recognizing that women of a “certain age” are simply without any outlet or support for their passions, and interests, Dianna decided to remedy the situation. Thus the innovative Fabulous@50 brand was born, quickly becoming a driving force in uniting and empowering female baby boomers to refresh their body, mind and spirit.

Dianna Bowes is an inspirational speaker, founder and director of the annual trade show Fabulous @ 50 and publisher of emagazine Be Fabulous! She is celebrating the recent release of her new book:

“The Fabulous@50 Re-Experience.”

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In the process of establishing her greenhouse operation, Anita identified that there were other unmet needs for new entrepreneurs. [Where there’s a need, there’s Anita.] She developed entrepreneurial programs to support value-added agricultural business – programs which still exist today.

She started her second company, called From the Earth Naturally Ltd., and began developing one of the first functional foods on the market place – a herbal vinegar enhanced with echinacea and ginseng. By conducting educational courses for both professional chefs and the general public, Anita built demand for her product and it found a home in 57 stores within just three months.

By 2002, with her children almost all grown up and leaving home, Anita divorced, sold her business, and started over again. With her daughter at her side, she began building a new life.

Today, Anita is more determined than ever. With Wanda and Lori at her side, she knows her company will become the first all women-owned business to make an impact in North America with their natural health beverage, VIVACA™.

Anita is a proud grandmother of two boys. Her four children are independent and successful [with the same spit and fire that their mother has] and when she talks about them, she beams with pride.

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