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Menopause Myth Buster Session January 16th 2017

Posted on: January 12th, 2017 by Anita Dyrbye No Comments

This is an invitation to join us for a Menopause Myth Buster Info Session January 16th at 7 p.m. 

Located at Anita Dyrbye’s home/office at 3 Overton Place St. Albert, Alberta.

This session is focused on the Power of Thought and the impact it has on your menopause .

Going through menopause?  Have you considered that you are now at the most perfect age in life?   Officially as a mature woman (menopausal) you are considered a ‘Wise woman”, and as such master of your destiny.

Through the generations Wise-women have secretly shared their truths amongst each other about what menopause truly means. Over the decades, these truths have evolved integrating new knowledge, experiences and expertise but the most powerful parts have remained unchanged for decades.  This knowledge has been used for many generations and within all cultures around the world giving women a sense of pride, courage, focus and yes, good health. Many women today have forgotten these truths but the latest studies published in 2016 are lifting eyebrows confirming with evidence how effective and drug free they are. The secret is out, are you listening?

Make a difference in your life, be the master of your personal journey into your ‘Wise womanhood’.

You are invited to join us for this powerful gathering amongst ‘wise women’ who will share the wisdom that is no longer secret with you.

Please RVSP at

Fee: $10.00


Phone: 780 901-9598

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In the process of establishing her greenhouse operation, Anita identified that there were other unmet needs for new entrepreneurs. [Where there’s a need, there’s Anita.] She developed entrepreneurial programs to support value-added agricultural business – programs which still exist today.

She started her second company, called From the Earth Naturally Ltd., and began developing one of the first functional foods on the market place – a herbal vinegar enhanced with echinacea and ginseng. By conducting educational courses for both professional chefs and the general public, Anita built demand for her product and it found a home in 57 stores within just three months.

By 2002, with her children almost all grown up and leaving home, Anita divorced, sold her business, and started over again. With her daughter at her side, she began building a new life.

Today, Anita is more determined than ever. With Wanda and Lori at her side, she knows her company will become the first all women-owned business to make an impact in North America with their natural health beverage, VIVACA™.

Anita is a proud grandmother of two boys. Her four children are independent and successful [with the same spit and fire that their mother has] and when she talks about them, she beams with pride.

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