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BlowMeCool Fan new product review

Product Review: BlowMeCool Fans

Posted on: June 19th, 2013 by Anita Dyrbye 2 Comments

BlowMeCool Fan review

By Anita Dyrbye

Like many people I love gadgets, especially ones that can make life easier!

Being involved in the area of menopause research and development of natural health products as well as providing education and support for women in (peri)menopause, (not to mention, I’m menopausal myself), when I found a gadget that addressed menopausal hot flushes I had to try it!  I connected with Brian Burge, CEO of BlowMeCool who agreed to send me a sample of their new invention of a discreet little fan for cooling down hot flushes. Brian was delighted to have the BlowMeCool fan reviewed by our team of menopausal women.

At first I thought it would be a silly little thing but when I received the BlowMeCool fan I was intrigued.  It is small, easy to fit in my hand, and it is surprisingly powerful.  I also liked that it comes with a USB charging cord, which is convenient to plug into your computer for recharging the fan at work.   Getting the occasional hot flushes when wearing clothing that cannot be peeled off in public especially during a meeting when a hot flush hit me!  I pulled the BlowMeCool fan out promptly and discreetly tucked it under by shirt while sitting at the boardroom table during a meeting, no one seemed to notice (or care for that matter) that I got a gentle breeze of relief.

I also had the chance to speak to Brian Burge, CEO of BlowMeCool who is very genuine in his desire to make a fan to help women ease their hot flushes. Brian indicated that he would appreciate feedback of their fan design and functionality so that they can improve on it if necessary.  Go Brian!


The BlowMeCool fan

Diane Szoke

Diane Szoke

By Diane Szoke, Reviewer of new menopausal products

It did take a while to get it turned on but it did say in the instructions that it is slow to start but I wasn’t sure if I should press once or hold down and press. I tried both and I think it was hold and press. I found it to have a very gentle breeze. The closer you hold it to your skin the breeze was cooler for me. The noise it makes is gentle and not annoying.  It was easy to charge and is compact and manageable. My only complaint is hard to get it started. I did play with it a few minutes but I am sure it would get easier as I got used to it.


Valda Roberts

Valda Roberts

BlowMeCool Fan review

By Valda Roberts, Reviewer of New Menopausal products

The Blow Me Cool fan has a very fun jelly like color, and fits in the palm discretely for those who do not want to announce the onset of their latest hot flash. A light breeze of air is easily directed to the face or should you choose, your décolletage for a soft cooling sensation.  The sound of the fan motor is a minor irritant that can easily be masked by the tinkling of ice in your tall cool drink poured by your cabana boy as you enjoy your “personal tropical vacation”. The wee flashlight hidden ever so discretely in the front can certainly be used to find your way out of the myriad of more bothersome menopausal symptoms, or as a visual SOS signal to other hot flashers. Enjoy!


Guest Blog Post:

Hot Flash Hell

Angie, Spokeswoman, BlowMeCool Inc. February 2013

It’s not as if I have a lot of control over my hot flashes, nor, do I want to demonstrate that I am experiencing hot flashes.  After all ladies, when we reach a certain age, hot flashes can become a common occurrence; and, we certainly don’t want to advertise that we have reached that age!

At times, I feel trapped in my own little hot flash hell. It is somewhat comforting to know that I’m not alone.  Statistics indicate that 50 million women in North America are in the peri-menopause or full menopause stage of life.

Our “certain time of life” is aggravating.  As my body began to adjust to the new realities of getting older (and I think wiser), it was more than annoying to be the only person in a room to experience a full body heat wave.  It was not always feasible to remove multiple layers of clothing to adjust to the rush of heat coursing through my veins; yet, during hot flashes I need cooling.  Fanning the air using anything within reach did help – sort of.  The problem is that it is obvious to anyone around what I am experiencing (nothing subtle about my hot flashes)!

At times, I almost embrace the idea of getting older so I can grow out of this menopause phase – but, that’s crazy thinking.  Fortunately, I discovered a very quiet, discreet, compact little fan that helps me relieve annoying hot flashes as soon as they begin.  With my mini-fan, I can manage hot flashes with some style – I prefer grace under pressure.

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  1. Yvonne johnson

    25 Jun 2013

    I am having a great time with my blow me cool I do a lot of walking in my job so whenever my hot flash comes on it’s get hotter I just tuck my fan between my you know where underneath my top and away I go about my duties no one has a clue

    Thank Brian

    • Brian

      16 Jul 2013

      Thanks Yvonne, yes some women like the little hole near the nose of the device so they can attach a lanyard and hang it around their neck while it’s still running.

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