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Does HRT help with hot flushes?

Written by James Williams - January 07, 2023

Hot flushes, which can vary in duration and intensity, are one of the most common symptoms associated with menopause. As a result, many women seek hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) as an effective treatment for this symptom. However, determining whether or not HRT is the right option for treating hot flushes depends on individual circumstances and should be discussed with your healthcare professional.

How Does HRT Work?

Hormonal replacement therapy utilizes hormones that help to replace those lost during menopause. Generally, hormones such as estrogen or progesterone are prescribed to women in order to restore their hormone levels back to premenopausal levels. This can have many positive effects on a woman's body, such as reducing the severity and frequency of hot flushes.

How Effective Is HRT For Treating Hot Flushes?

The effectiveness of HRT for treating hot flushes varies from person to person; however, recent studies show that it can effectively provide relief from these symptoms in some individuals. One study found that more than two-thirds of women taking part experienced a greater reduction in the number and severity of hot flushes compared to those not taking HRT. Furthermore, another study found that twice as many women taking combined transdermal (skin patch) estrogen plus progestogen experienced a decrease in hot flush episodes than those taking placebo (fake hormone).

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Using HRT To Treat Hot Flashes?

Using HRT to treat hot flashes may offer several potential benefits:

  • Increased comfort - Women using HRT may experience fewer or less intense hot flush episodes which may make daily life more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Improved sleep quality - Decreasing or avoiding night-time hot flushes can also help improve overall sleep quality.

What Are The Potential Drawbacks Of Using HRT To Treat Hot Flashes?

There are potential risks involved with using hormones to treat menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, including:

  • Blood clots - Women who take estrogen-containing products have an increased risk of developing blood clots.
  • Breast cancer risk – Taking combined estrogen plus progestogen has been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in relative terms but it’s important to remember that the absolute increase is very small – approximately 1 extra case per 1000 women treated per year.

It’s important to speak with your doctor about any possible risks when considering hormonal replacement therapy before you start treatment.

Should I Take Hormones To Treat My Hot Flashes?

Whether or not you should take hormones to treat your hot flashes depends upon your individual situation and what you feel most comfortable with; no one else can decide this for you! Your doctor will be able to discuss any possible benefits or drawbacks associated with taking hormones so that you can make an informed decision. At Hormone Treatment Center we understand how difficult deciding whether or not pursuing hormone replacement therapy is—that’s why our team takes time carefully listen before creating a personalized plan tailored specifically for each patient! Contact us today if you would like more information about how we might be able help you feel better!

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