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How do you confirm early menopause?

Written by Matthew Johnson - January 26, 2023

It’s an unfortunate reality – many women find themselves dealing with early menopause, usually caused by medical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. But how do you know for sure if you’re dealing with this issue? Here we’ll look at how to confirm early menopause.

What is Early Menopause?

Early menopause refers to the sudden onset of menopausal symptoms starting before the age of 40, including ...:

  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Mood swings
  • Irregular or missing periods
  • Lower sex drive
  • Weight gain, particularly around the midsection
  • Hair loss, dry skin and other changes in physical appearance

The cause of early menopause is not completely understood but it may be related to lifestyle choices that affect hormone balance, as well as certain types of cancer treatment. It is sometimes referred to as premature ovarian failure (POF).

Causes of Early Menopause

The causes for early menopause can vary from woman to woman. In some cases it may be caused by surgery that removes part or all of the ovaries (such as hysterectomy or tubal ligation), diseases such as Turner's Syndrome or autoimmune disorders like lupus; radiation therapy and chemotherapy used for cancer treatments may also cause a temporary or permanent cessation of menstrual cycles. And in some cases, the cause is unknown.

Symptoms of Early Menopause

The symptoms associated with early menopause generally include those most commonly found during natural menopause, such as hot flashes, night sweats, moodiness and decreased libido. In addition, women often experience vaginal dryness and discomfort, urinary problems such as incontinence and bladder infections, changes in breast size and decrease in muscle mass. In rare cases, it can even lead to infertility.

Diagnosing Early Menopause

If you’re experiencing any combination of these symptoms then a visit to your doctor would be in order. Your doctor will want to get your full medical history which should include information about any surgeries or other treatments that might have damaged your reproductive organs (ovaries). They will also likely want to perform one or more tests including blood work to measure specific hormones levels related to fertility such as follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and estradiol; ultrasounds or other imaging studies if there are any concerns about structural damage or blockages; pelvic exam; vaginal secretions test; bone density scan; endometrial biopsy; Pap smear and/or an assay on inhibin B levels. After all these tests have been conducted they should be able to provide a definitive diagnosis whether this is indeed early menopausa or something else entirely.

Treatments for Early Menapuse

The most common treatment option for women experiencing early menapuse is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). HRT uses synthetic hormones like estrogen and progesterone to replenish the body with what has been lost due to the onset of menapuse. If necessary additional medications can help control hot flashes , improve sleep quality , reduce depression , increase bone density , prevent osteoarthritis , reduce risk for heart disease , improve cholesterol levels etc . Other non-hormonal treatment options include lifestyle changes such as stress management techniques (yoga , meditation ) herbs / supplements that support hormonal health , acupuncture etc . Women who are considering HRT should always consult their healthcare provider first .

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