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Can menopause cause calcium deficiency?

Written by James Williams - February 15, 2023

Yes, menopause can cause calcium deficiency. This is because during and after menopause, hormone levels in the body change. Low levels of hormones such as estrogen can lead to a decrease in bone mineral density, which affects the absorption of calcium from the diet. As a result, calcium deficiency can occur during or after menopause.

Women who are approaching or who have entered menopause should be aware that they may need to increase their intake of foods that contain calcium. Additionally, there are treatments available for women experiencing menopausal symptoms or issues related to calcium deficiency.

How does Menopause Affect Hormone Levels?

During and after menopause, hormone levels in the body change significantly. Estrogen is one of the main hormones affected by this shift - and with decreased estrogen comes decreased bone mineral density (BMD). BMD is essential for absorbing calcium from the diet; thus, lower BMD means less efficient absorption of dietary calcium leading to a greater risk of calcium deficiency.

What Are The Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency ?

The symptoms of calcium deficiency include: fatigue, muscle cramps and spasms, poor appetite and weight gain/loss, depression, insomnia and irritability. Other signs of calcium deficiency include dry skin, brittle nails, thinning hair and weak bones/teeth. If left untreated it can lead to osteoporosis or other serious health complications so it's important to address any symptoms as soon as possible.

Is There A Treatment For Calcium Deficiency Caused By Menopause ?

Yes! There is an effective treatment for calcium deficiency caused by menopause - hormone replacement therapy (HRT). HRT works by restoring hormone balance in the body which helps with the absorption of dietary calcium from food sources; thus helping to treat any symptoms caused by a lack of available dietary calcium. Hormone Treatment Center offers an effective treatment option for women experiencing symptoms caused by low hormone levels during or after menopause.

What Are The Benefits Of Treating Calcium Deficiency With Hormone Treatment Center ?

  • Hormone Treatment Center works quickly – typically within weeks you'll start feeling relief from your symptoms.
    Our treatments are tailored specifically to you – we assess each individual case before prescribing a treatment to ensure you get what you need most effectively!
    Our team consists entirely of experienced doctors with extensive knowledge on how best to manage low hormone levels associated with menopause-related issues such as calcium deficiency .

In Summary...

Calcium deficiency can occur during or after menopause due to changes in hormone levels which affect bone mineral density – thus affecting dietary absorption rates for this essential mineral. Symptoms can vary but may include fatigue, poor appetite/weight loss/gain, depression and insomnia among others so it’s important to address them early if possible! Taking advantage of Hormone Treatment Center ' tailor-made replacement therapies could provide fast-acting relief from your symptoms while at the same time benefiting from our experienced team's knowledgebase on how best manage your condition going forward!

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